The Dollar Bubble

26 12 2009

I find it harder and harder each day to open my email or the current market newspapers without thinking to myself, “Can I give back all that I have learned and realized?” It’s tough folks, I know, but it’s the definite truth. In an attempt to educate as many people as I can, I have put up this video for you to watch. Do not dispare! When people are aware of what is going on, how things work, and what is being done to them, then solutions can be pursued. I think that this is like the flood Noah faced. The only thing that can really be done on the personal level is to secure yourself with an Ark (of sorts). Educate your friends and family. Ask questions. You will get things wrong. That is okay. Arm yourself with facts. And get out of the dollar … silver is <$20 an ounce. I think you can afford silver if you can afford alcohol, cable TV, cars, clothes, etc … Silver was $9 an ounce this time last year. What do you have to show for your purchases from last year? If not much, time to stop buying those things and get into an insurance policy called gold and silver.



One response

19 01 2010
Adam Dorsey

I have better insurance then silver. A little after Noah came Jacob. There was no water in the land until Jacob started digging his well. Jacob’s enemies came and filled the hole with sand, but the LORD directed him to the next place to dig. What silver is there that can’t be stolen?

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