Is Profiling at Airports the Answer?

30 12 2009

Hello. I am a Christian white male. Since I do not fit the profile of a terrorist, is it fair I have to wait 4 hours to get onto a plane? That every inch of my person can be searched and every orifice examined? And then to let an Arabic Muslim on through the check point without so much as a whisper because searching that person would be profiling? How is that fair? It is a fact that those committing acts of terror are Islamic Extremists. Fact. Christians, Buddhists, Hindis, and Taoists are not committing acts of terror. Islamic extremists are. So, shouldn’t every Muslim be checked? Yes, I think so. It IS profiling, however it is not my fault for profiling and it IS unfair to all Muslims. But, the Muslims who are searched and are innocent, which most of Islam would be innocent, the pain and suffering caused by the search, well, blame the Islamic Extremist Terrorist for that one. Don’t blame me. I see it like this. If I have a choice to profile every single Muslim in the airport or let one innocent person die at the hands of an Islamic Extremist Terrorist, than I will chose the latter every time. And to my Muslim friends that frown on this approach. You need to learn to focus your anger not on the profilers BUT on the people causing the profiling. Focus your anger on the Terrorists. Speak out against them. Yes, it is unfair, but there is no choice. Blame Terrorists!!!!

Back in the 60s and 70s, Israel was suffering hijackings one after the other. They then implemented profiling and since then, despite all the hate mail from the UN and Liberals, there has not been a single act of terror on an Israeli flight. Period.

Proof is in the pudding folks.


The Dollar Bubble

26 12 2009

I find it harder and harder each day to open my email or the current market newspapers without thinking to myself, “Can I give back all that I have learned and realized?” It’s tough folks, I know, but it’s the definite truth. In an attempt to educate as many people as I can, I have put up this video for you to watch. Do not dispare! When people are aware of what is going on, how things work, and what is being done to them, then solutions can be pursued. I think that this is like the flood Noah faced. The only thing that can really be done on the personal level is to secure yourself with an Ark (of sorts). Educate your friends and family. Ask questions. You will get things wrong. That is okay. Arm yourself with facts. And get out of the dollar … silver is <$20 an ounce. I think you can afford silver if you can afford alcohol, cable TV, cars, clothes, etc … Silver was $9 an ounce this time last year. What do you have to show for your purchases from last year? If not much, time to stop buying those things and get into an insurance policy called gold and silver.