“Obama is a racist” not okay but “White woman is a racist” ok?

30 07 2009

If you havent heard, there is a controversy going on with Radio and Tv Host Glenn Beck. Tuesday on Fox N Friends, he claimed President Obama was a racist based upon Obama’s policies. The media and the country are up in a stir calling FOX NEWS racist and Glenn Beck racist … what the hell is going on?

Well, to illustrate a thought Im having, lets take a look at Lucia Whalen. She is the caller to 911 that reported the break in at Harvard Professor Gate’s house. Truth is, she has been threatened, attacked, and scared to death. People have been calling her a racist because she called in a possible break in … do you understand what I am saying? Did you read what I said? She is being attacked and called a racist for calling in a break in. She did the right thing. Turns out an elder woman approached Whalen and asked her to call 911 since she didnt have a cell phone off her own … what? How the hell is this woman a racist? Check out the article below. Its quite obvious that the RACE industry is out of control and people are absolutely illogical and damn near criminal in their charges … if this woman is a racist than guess what … so is President Obama.