Bad Cops

26 04 2009

Now there is a headline to capture the masses. Police Brutality and Excessive Force. Its a tough thing to do, you know, being a police officer. Risking your life to protect the innocent and the average civilian. But I would think being that good cop, these bad cops would really piss me off. These police officers in the videos below bring intense shame to the practice of police officer. We are human and we make mistakes. But I think the mistakes shown in these videos are beyond a simply ‘opps’ or ‘I was having a bad day’. These are results of the culture these police officers work in and are trained in. Dare I say their leaders are also to blame. Yes I do dare to say. My goal is not to cause you to get angry but to recognize the difference between good cops and bad cops. Below I am showing you bad cops. If someone could find me a link to a genuine good cop in action, please do so. Unfortunately it appears the only videos I find involve bad cops. Go ahead, do a search. Its shocking what you find when you enter ‘video of good cop’.




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