Transformers 2 Latest Clip (ShoWest) and Trailer footage HD

21 04 2009

This clip came across my desk today.  It looks like Michael Bay showed off a clip recently, but most copies of this video are no longer online.  I will keep it posted as long as its available.  This is the absolute latest Transformers 2 footage I have seen thus far.

With all that said, frakkin’ sweet!  Devastator is huge!  Hot damn how do you bring that thing down?  As the movie release is nearing Im sure we are going to get to see much more.  Word on the street is that the trailer to be seen will be shown during the previews to STAR TREK.  As always, I will keep you all up to date on that one!


The videos I posted are no longer available and right now this blog has the only copy I could find. Looks like there was a leak in this version of the trailer BAY didnt want to get out. Hopefully this link stays up, but it looks like BAY is stamping it out all over the internet.





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