Anarchy with Pocket Bikes

18 04 2009

What else would I be doing on my first day off in weeks?  Youtube.  I came across a video (not recent) and I have to be honest … it brought a huge smile to my face!  In this video, it features the famous GhostRider whom is known the world over for his antics and stunt work.  His most famous work involves him toying with the local Polis, pulling wheelies, covering 45 miles in 15 minutes, and who could forget the pocketbike stunt?  Well folks, I decided I would get off the politics of the day and do something entertaining.  Go grab up 3 of your friends, put on full track leathers, grab up a pocket bike ($179), and go for a little ride!  GhostRider and his buddies are going to take you for a little ride through some downtown city in Europe and show you some of the sites (yes, even the inside of the local mall) … what else would expect when its anarchy with pocket bikes?




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