CAPRICA: Sci-Fi’s riskiest show

26 04 2009



Home Media Magazine’s John Latchem states that Caprica has “all the same dark overtones and richness of character that fans have come to expect from Galactica.” He notes that Caprica “[evokes] a feeling similar to Gattaca in its depiction of a potential near-future (which in fact takes place in the distant past), while infusing elements of the Matrix and Terminator movies to set up a bridge to the events viewers know will unfold.”[29] The Futon Critic’s Brian Ford Sullivan finds the first 15 minutes:
“ A weird mix of teen angst, hedonism and virtual reality … once established, the world of Caprica has the potential to be just as compelling, interesting and multi-faceted as its “sequel” – minus of course the cool stuff blowing up in space. In just 92 minutes, Caprica manages to dish out a surprisingly dense, but not too overwhelming, array of plot threads.[30] ”

Rob Owen of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette gives the pilot 4 out of 4 stars, stating: “Caprica gives a more forceful, potential-filled first impression than the Battlestar Galactica pilot/miniseries.”[31] The Star-Ledger’s Alan Sepinwall finds the story intriguing, and Stoltz’ and Morales’ performances excellent, while director Jeffrey Reiner “creates an absolutely gorgeous-looking pilot episode.”[32]

Joanna Weiss of The Boston Globe states that “if this episode is any indication, Caprica will be sinister [and] compelling” and “while the technology is inventive, human emotion still drives the plot.”[33] Mark A. Perigard of Boston Herald gave it a B+, stating that the pilot feels more like an intellectual puzzle and lacks the life-or-death intensity of Battlestar Galactica.[34] Lewis Wallace of Wired rates the pilot an 8/10, saying that Caprica has inherited from Battlestar “the lean writing, the strong acting, the exceptional soundtrack by Bear McCreary” and “the characters are richly drawn and ripe for further exploration.”[35]

Maureen Ryan of Chicago Tribune gave it 3.5 out of 4 stars, with particular praise for the casting of Stoltz, Morales, Malcomson, and Walker.[36] The A.V. Club’s Noel Murray says:
“ Some BSG stalwarts may have some difficulty with the muted science-fiction/action elements, but it’s a lovely piece of work on its own merits, imbued with real visual poetry by director Jeffrey Reiner.[37]

Bad Cops

26 04 2009

Now there is a headline to capture the masses. Police Brutality and Excessive Force. Its a tough thing to do, you know, being a police officer. Risking your life to protect the innocent and the average civilian. But I would think being that good cop, these bad cops would really piss me off. These police officers in the videos below bring intense shame to the practice of police officer. We are human and we make mistakes. But I think the mistakes shown in these videos are beyond a simply ‘opps’ or ‘I was having a bad day’. These are results of the culture these police officers work in and are trained in. Dare I say their leaders are also to blame. Yes I do dare to say. My goal is not to cause you to get angry but to recognize the difference between good cops and bad cops. Below I am showing you bad cops. If someone could find me a link to a genuine good cop in action, please do so. Unfortunately it appears the only videos I find involve bad cops. Go ahead, do a search. Its shocking what you find when you enter ‘video of good cop’.

Transformers 2 Latest Clip (ShoWest) and Trailer footage HD

21 04 2009

This clip came across my desk today.  It looks like Michael Bay showed off a clip recently, but most copies of this video are no longer online.  I will keep it posted as long as its available.  This is the absolute latest Transformers 2 footage I have seen thus far.

With all that said, frakkin’ sweet!  Devastator is huge!  Hot damn how do you bring that thing down?  As the movie release is nearing Im sure we are going to get to see much more.  Word on the street is that the trailer to be seen will be shown during the previews to STAR TREK.  As always, I will keep you all up to date on that one!


The videos I posted are no longer available and right now this blog has the only copy I could find. Looks like there was a leak in this version of the trailer BAY didnt want to get out. Hopefully this link stays up, but it looks like BAY is stamping it out all over the internet.


Anarchy with Pocket Bikes

18 04 2009

What else would I be doing on my first day off in weeks?  Youtube.  I came across a video (not recent) and I have to be honest … it brought a huge smile to my face!  In this video, it features the famous GhostRider whom is known the world over for his antics and stunt work.  His most famous work involves him toying with the local Polis, pulling wheelies, covering 45 miles in 15 minutes, and who could forget the pocketbike stunt?  Well folks, I decided I would get off the politics of the day and do something entertaining.  Go grab up 3 of your friends, put on full track leathers, grab up a pocket bike ($179), and go for a little ride!  GhostRider and his buddies are going to take you for a little ride through some downtown city in Europe and show you some of the sites (yes, even the inside of the local mall) … what else would expect when its anarchy with pocket bikes?

Cavuto vs Beck : Who’s got the bigger balls?

5 04 2009

Folks, I havent had TV in my house in almost 2 years. After watching these two clips of Neil Cavuto and Glenn Beck (both FoxNews), I find myself curious and maybe thinking of getting some form of cable just to keep from missing these kind of debates. Lets get to it. Neil Cavuto goes after Congressman Grayson so fiercely that he almost loses his composure. Love the passion Neil, bravo. Neil, I never watched your show but this kind of debate makes me want to see more. Neil wastes no time with going after Grayson who is obviously holding back over the proposed bill that would give the Treasury Secretary complete authority in dictating the salaries of every employee of any company that receives any form of federal money. Anyone else see a slight problem with this? Neil’s main focal point was trying to get a range of salary that would be considered excessive and he couldn’t get an answer. Then he fires back by laying down the truth of the matter by saying “… we pay you congressman. Act like it …” Neil goes on in the interview to ask about his concerns that this bill could be used to do much more than what Grayson declares it is for. Grayson responds by saying that Neil is being ‘absurd’ and ‘ridiculous’. Well folks, as many of my readers know, I think that Grayson is giving us the run around. Its like saying ‘hey, let me have access to your house whenever I please but I promise I wont take anything that I dont deserve or that you have rightfully earned.’ Where is the track record to prove that Grayson is honorable at his word???

Next we move on to Glenn, that sick twisted freak. He does a great job of getting the Conn. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal (“AG”) to admit that AIG did not break any law and that really the AG was going after AIG as a stunt for popularity attainment. I have seen Glenn before and I’m no stranger to his antics. Glenn keeps composure and when he uses the word ‘Sir’ often, its a clear cut sign that Glenn is pretty pissed at you. Glenn told the AG “ are an insult to George Washington, sir …” and my favorite “…are you going to come after me for anything I’ve earned because you disagree with me, because it might be popular, or are you going to stand for the law, sir? …” Go get’em Glenn. The emotionless look on the AG’s face along with the pointless word speak spewed is typical and expected from these vermin. Here is a man whose job is to “is to serve as Connecticut’s lawyer, in civil as well as criminal matters. He is not the Governor’s lawyer. He is our lawyer.” And he is doing just the opposite. He is chosing which person he will protect when it is his DUTY to protect every single citizen. Just because something is popular does not make it right. This is not a democracy, folks. This is a Republic where the rule of law is supreme, not the will of men. Especially men like Mr. Blumenthal who chose to take actions based on policy and not law. Shame on you Richard.

So I ask you, fellow Mindless readers, who is your favorite from this match up? Cavuto or Beck?