Republic vs Democracy

28 03 2009

One of the things that is very hard for me personally is to admit when I am wrong. Well folks, it seems that I have been wrong about something. I, like many people I know, thought that a Republic and a Democracy were the same thing. The differences were very fuzzy to me and I have to honestly say that I have been wrong. I could blame the public school system, however they didn’t prevent me from grabbing a dictionary or encyclopedia to lookup these terms. Its my fault and Im humbly admitting to my mistake.

Whew, now that Ive got that out of the way, below is a video that explains the difference. Now that I know the difference, its my duty to share this information with you as well. The video is a little over 10 minutes, well worth the watch. It outlines the different types of government and how each one works. Briefly. This is like a Cliff Note. I like how this video doesnt make judgements or give opinions. Its all factual. This is something I will show my kids when they are older (and exist!).




One response

21 04 2009

This is the most easy to understand explanation of the forms of government. If I would have seen this video in High School.. I would have excelled in History/Government.


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