British Politican gives it to the Prime Minister!

25 03 2009

What else can be said about this video?? Well, American Politicans take note of the bravery and brilliantly executed grammatical magic this man works on the Prime Minister. Daniel Hannan (his blog at: gets two thumbs up for standing up for the British people. Bravo dude, bravo. He elaborately illustrates the current British economic situation by comparing it to a sinking ship. As laughter is heard, make no mistake of it, this is no laughing matter. I would give almost anything to hear a senator give it to Obama like this. Call out the man in front of the world and set the truth loose. Seriously, in my honest opinion there has never been a more dire time in America’s short history for the rebirth of the founding fathers’ spirit, genius, and grace from God than right now. Yes folks, I am referring to the latest news of mandatory community service with a complete denial of being allowed to pray or express one’s religious views (no praying to Mecca 5 times a day either), taking over private business, enormous increases in tax rates, and using the Bill of Rights for the chosen one’s toilet paper to just name a few. Where does it stop? It doesnt with this government. Any half brained nit wit with a vague history lesson of the soviets and the nazis would be able to draw a plethora of similarities to our current administration. Hell, you could even say the same things about Bush, Clinton, and Bush. Wow, what times these are. I know that this blog has earned me the title of ‘Terrorist’, but I could care less. I am not afraid. Neither is Daniel Hannan. You’ve given me inspiration. Right on brother, right on.




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