This Is What Happens When an Economy Collapses: Argentina 2001

8 03 2009

How does a country rich in natural resources, abundant worker skills, and a generally educated/literate population suffer a complete economic collapse? (Video links below)

Unknown to most Americans is the disastrous economical collapse of Argentina. Taking a very quick glance at Argentina’s situation before the collapse can be absolutely frighting. These things mirror the current situation here in America in an alarming way. The very first thing one will find when researching Argentina is that the cause of their problems can be first discussed by looking at DEBT. The banks, specifically. The Argentinian government is not innocent as the policies they set in motion hastened the demise of Argentina’s economy.

One woman in the video talks about how she has saved her money throughout her life and one day the banks shut their doors and kept her money. Another, a man who has been selling newspapers for 65 years, points out that all his hard work and suffering to set up a retirement for himself was stripped away by the banks/government. Another person explains the process known as ‘bicycling’ debt and how it happened in Argentina.

During the collapse, the Argentinian government declared they could fix the problem. So what did they do to fix the problem? They began printing money and handing it out to the banks and big companies … does this sound familiar? Wonder what happened from those policies? Dont let me steal the fire, you have to see the video and hear/see it for yourself.

Finally, all the past debt and the new debt from these failed policies were placed upon the people to pay back … you seriously have to watch this video. Educate and inform yourself. In regards to the policies of the current American government, I have come to the conclusion that they will not work for us, the people, and that history shows us this very same result. I started this blog to help spread information and to allow you a chance to learn something about what these policies are doing to our current way of life and our country. Some people believe that the current American policies will be successful … folks, these policies have never worked for the people of a country … ever. They work for the greedy bankers, the government officials, and big business. Its a long hard road of learning what works and what doesnt. I hope I can help you along that journey.

You cannot ignore the past or the truth because it goes against what you think and believe! Socrates said it best : I know that I know nothing. Educate yourself. Even if you think you know something, test yourself on it and make sure you really know what you think you know.

These things REALLY happened in Argentina. This country is completely devastated. Even though this very thing could happen right here in the US, it most likely wouldnt be identical to this. We tend to do things bigger in the US so lets think big! If we are going to collapse, how about if the whole world goes with us … hold on a minute, isnt that whats happening now? Do you lay down or do you educate yourself? Network with like minds? Write a letter to your senator? Just hope for the best?

“He that lives upon hope will die fasting.” -Benjamin Franklin

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