Dont wanna pay your taxes, work for the Gov’t.

2 02 2009

Nothing has devestated my family more than when the IRS seized everything my parents owned several years ago.  The reason was my dad made a lot of money on a patent, his lawyers and accountants stuck him with the tax bill, and he was left financially ruined.  To this day, the IRS is still taking over 90% of his after tax pay.  Here is a man that did everything right but was screwed over by those he paid, hired, and relied on to represent him fully.  Hell, the backrupcty attourney he hired to save his ass is in jail for extortion and ripping off his clients.  My parents got the hardest screw of all.  Then I read today in the Wall Street Journal about multiple key Gov’t leaders getting busted for tax evasion and still allowed to get into their new positions, allowed to get away with it, not penalized, and above all skipping out.  What the hell is this?!  Where is the IRS sympathy for my parents?  What about the burden on my family?  What makes these people so special that they can escape payment.  Well, my parents are Republicans and these crooks are Democrats.  Is that reason enough?  No, sadly party has nothing to do with it.  The people at top are literally doing whatever they want and we the people are paying the price for their follies.  Where is the outrage in this?  Why isnt the mainstream media focusing on these issues?  Why are we so concerned with Britney Spears???!?!?!  WTF!!




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