A Comparison of Obama’s Policies to Weed

1 02 2009


You might be asking yourself, “how in the hell can I use smoking weed to illustrate Obama’s agenda?” Well it’s pretty easy. You see, I don’t identify as a Republican or a Democrat. I identify with my beliefs and parties can go suck it. I am not trying to change minds with this article. I am merely making a point. It is up to you to come to a decision. After reading what I wrote, it’s easy to see how a person might be led towards a common decision but I think that is caused by common sense. It’s easy to sell the public on a point of view using feel good words but the bottom line cannot be ignored. Hopefully I am successful at using metaphors to illustrate the bottom line.

To begin, think of two rooms. Each room is the same size and represents two versions of the United States. Think of Room A as the room based on the principles expressed by Socialism. Think of Room B as the room based on the founding principles of the United States and the thoughts of the Founding Fathers. You are going to see similarities in the two rooms and you will see differences. In this metaphor, the idea is that getting high represents the things we each strive for and desire which is only accomplished through weed.

Room A is a spacious room with no walls. There are 1,000 people in this room. Everyone has a space to sit. Everyone has a cushion to sit on but there are no walls. Everyone can see into everyone else’s life. If someone wants to sit in your space, you cannot tell them no. It’s not really your space, just a place you sit. You don’t own your space or the cushion you sit on. Its just there and you are using it. Everyone is the same in this room except for one person that makes all the decisions for everything that goes on in the room. This is a central planner, a person that can oversee everything and is smarter than anyone else so that the decisions being made are the best decisions. The people in the room are not allowed to make all of there own decisions. This is the job of the central person. The central person does that work for the people. Now, everyone wants to get high. They are allowed to smoke weed to get high. They cannot use a vaporizer or cook with THC. Most of the weed is grown on fields owned by the central person. No one is allowed to own their own farms or grow weed without permission because there has to be a guaranteed level of safety, union representation, OSHA requirements, equal opportunity, and other factors required by the central person. This field is worked by the people in the room. Nobody has to work. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to work at all in this room and you still get weed. Nobody is forced to work the field or how hard they work. But if nobody works the field than the central person will borrow more weed from other rooms (countries). The central person will then leverage the debt against the work done in the fields at an interest rate which increases the amount of weed paid back to the other rooms in comparison to the amount originally borrowed. Any and all weed grown goes directly to the central person. Nobody can take from the field. This way, everyone gets their fair share. The central person hands out the weed equally to everyone. The central planner has the final say in how much weed each person gets, how much they are allowed to save, when they are allowed to smoke it, and if they are even allowed to get high. There is no penalty to a person for not working hard in the fields and no bonuses for working harder. The quality of the weed is up to the central person. Any person in the room caught possessing weed or growing their own weed is punished. Each person must be equal and in order to make sure it is fair, the central person is in control of all the weed. The central person can smoke whenever they want, as much as they want, and are allowed to smoke the finest herb around. The rules imposed on the people do not matter to the central person. They can even take the weed and give it to other rooms (other countries) in any amount they want to despite the needs of the people in their own room. The central person does not have to answer to the people in the room as the central person is doing what is best for the entire group, not the individual.

Moving on, in Room B, there are also 1,000 people. But in this room, there are walls. People own the space they live on and nobody can take it away from them. They can refuse a person from their home and have the right to defend their home. These people grow their own weed as nobody hands it out to them except in cases of charity. A person keeps all of the weed they grow. They trade it freely amongst each other. Some people try to find better strains. Some people want more than others so they have work harder. And some people just don’t want to work on growing their own weed so they go without. The people with piles of weed didn’t steal it. They found better ways to grow it. Sometimes they share that knowledge on how to grow more for a price but they are not required to. The people in this room can smoke when they want, as much as they want, and can smoke any quality they desire. They can also invest their weed freely and get high with whomever they choose. They can also vaporize and cook the weed with food if they choose. They are allowed to save as much weed as they want without penalty. There is no central person making decisions because each person is responsible for their own actions. If there is a dispute between people, then they turn to the small government in place made up of the people, by the people, and for the people for resolution.  This small government has very limited power and is answerable to the people.

These are the basic fundamentals of the two rooms.  Now think about it.




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